Role of RSS in Internet Marketing

rss internet marketing

RSS still seems to be a buzz word about which many have no clue what it is and what purpose it serves in Internet Marketing. Many internet marketers don’t know how to harness the power of RSS for Internet Marketing. RSS basically means basically mean Really Simple Syndication. This is format which can be used […]

Do I really need SEO to get customers to my Website?

Need of SEO from SEO Expert

Search Engines like Google and Yahoo are now influencing up to 88% of business purchase decisions and hence they can’t be ignored.  To grow your website, you need a SEO expert who can get your website to top of rankings in search engines. So on what basis do you decide? Let us explore with the […]

BioPerl Tutorial: Reading multiple GenBank Records with Bio::DB BioPerl Module

bioperl tutorial

In the last BioPerl Tutorial we saw how to retrieve single GenBank Sequence using Bio::DB::GenBnak module. In this one, we will analyze how to do it for multiple GenBank Sequences. NOTE: To install BioPerl, learning how to code in BioPerl or using BioPerl modules, see BioPerl Tutorial series index.  Creating query: NOTE: Executing queries need […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips: Introduction (Part 1)

seo tutorial and seo tips

This is first article in effort to help future SEO experts and I hope this SEO for beginners tutorial series is helpful to webmasters and owners alike. No doubt, this series doesn’t has anything magical which will help your site to get top rankings of Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) automatically but following the […]

2k10: The Year of Scams


I think we should officially declare year 2010, the year of SCAMS (for India). Wondering why? Here is the time-line of scams which hit Indian media highlights: November/December 2010 -> LIC Housing Scam (Rs 2,000 crore) October/ November 2010 -> 2G Spectrum Scam (Rs.1.76-lakh crore) October/ November 2010 -> Adarsh Society Scam October -> Common […]

S.E.O.? A Magic or Science


Have you ever wondered how you reached to this site? Well I know either typing my domain name (rare case) or searched from Search Engines (primarily Google). Correct? My bonding with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, or Search Engine Optimization) started when I was in my graduation. While searching for my notes, software, tools and many […]

Eight Best Strategies for Facebook SEO

facebook seo tips

 These days, Facebook has become like a home page for personal users and with business pages, even businesses are tapping income potential. It is dream of every page owner on Facebook to have a successful page on it. Many are clueless on how to do it! Implementing simple SEO tips on your Facebook page can […]

Common SEO Questions being asked from SEO experts


SEO is a tricky yet compulsory business. One day you are sitting on top and next day, you might be out of top rankings. One always knows traffic which comes from top position is as good as money. It might be a gamble & you can’t rest for a single minute. You may never come […]

7 Basic rules of SEO you must never forget

seo rules seo expert

To be successful in SEO, you must follow certain rules and avoid specific pitfalls. Only then, one can dream to become a successful SEO expert or SEO consultant but of course with experience. In today’s competitive world of SEO, especially after Google’s Panda Update, you must learn and follow following seven basic but important SEO […]

Top Violations and Spamming Factors in SEO

wrong seo pratices seo mistakes

Often I have seen many SEO experts or SEO consultants, talk about positive ranking factors in SEO but no one talks about those factors which you must avoid in order not to get penalized by search engines especially the Big G. Contrary to many SEO experts’ views, negative penalty never occurs in a day but […]

ABC of Internet Marketing: Auto responder

auto responders internet marketer

An auto responder is the software in the world of internet marketing which allows sending e-mails to your clients and customers about new products that you have just launched as an internet marketer. This software is an instant hit and is in demand by various internet marketers carrying out online business, therefore, many companies have […]

Post Google Panda: Content and SEO relationship

google panda seo expert

A lot has been talked about Google Panda, content and their impact on SEO. I have heard views of many SEO experts and SEO consultants and most of us agree that post Google Panda, content will have a major role to play to determine success of business rather than rankings. Pre Google Panda Update Scenario: […]

Importance of SEO Maintenance

seo maintenance by seo expert

Once you have got rankings for keywords in search engine, you know SEO expert or SEO consultant you hired has worked in right manner. But what after once your keywords have attained top positions? Firstly, SEO is not a “get rich quick scheme”. It takes time, dedication, persistence and financial commitment to get to the […]

Madhav Prabhas: Flying high with Bioinformatics

madhav prabhas

Continuing my journey to put people on my blog, whom I know have excelled in Bioinformatics, second one in the string is Madhav Prabhas. My sincere apologies to Madhav if I ever hurted him or hurt his sentiments through this post. Share on Facebook

Small Business SEO: Does your site has contact details?

small business seo

Often small business owners want their site to be ranked top for local search results. Even after executing small business SEO methods and techniques correctly, they are unable to do it and conclude SEO for small business doesn’t work anymore due to saturation. Often, they forget to put their contact details (address, zip code, phone […]

Relationship between SEO and website traffic

how seo brings traffic

Take for instance a road on which no one drive on. No doubt, it may be finest road without any cracks. No one knows if that road can lead to a perfect dream holiday destination. The same applies for a website which has no traffic and hardly gets visited. It is just like a space […]

Flash and SEO: Do they go well together?

flash and seo

Ask any SEO expert or SEO consultant, they will tell you not to use flash if you aim to make your site SEO friendly. Even I am not a big fan for using Flash for business websites. I agree that Flash gives your site trendy and savvy look but flash and SEO don’t go together. […]