Linux: Command Line vs GUI

gnu cli cui guiMany students have asked from me till now about which of them is more useful: CLI (Command Line Interface) or GUI (Graphical User Interface) in Linux.

For those, who are not aware with them, these are two modes in Linux in which users can interact with computer. Linux was earlier CLI based OS which has now evolved to GUI and one feels more familiar to it (as most of people have worked on Windows).


Some interesting comparisons are:


seo expert       Makes Linux user friendly

seo expert    OS is dumbed down

seo expert      Faster

seo expert     Need mouse

seo expert    Consumes too much memory and CPU


seo expert    More options and control

seo expert  Stone Aged

seo expert   Don’t need anything except keyboard

seo expert  Remember and type commands

But as per me, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

With more memory and storage available, concept of GUI being resource intensive is feathering away fast. Honestly earlier Linux used to be OS for elite but its GUI has made it popular among masses. The difference in acceptance of both interfaces is more physiological than logical or technical.

CLI can be a cakewalk if you can remember options and commands whereas if you not regular user of those commands, GUI will be always preferred by you. But if you use certain commands over and again, you can automate that process by coding a script, that’s beauty of Linux.

I feel that one can achieve great mastery over Linux if he uses both GUI as well as CLI. One theoretical example is using any computer on network like you are sitting on that machine. To newbies, who don’t know how to do it: You just need to use xhost command on your Linux OS which is running X-Windows and specify those computers of which you need access along with setting display environment variable.

In Bioinformatics, CLI is preferred way of doing shell scripting then opting for GUI.

Verdict: For me both are important and I use them as per the demand.

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