Rahul Sharma: A sucessful Bioinformatician

I know this Guy, Rahul Sharma from my college days. The question is why I am writing about him? The reason is he was my classmate at my under-graduation level.  While most of us have wandered in the darkness of Bio-informatics,  he broke the shackles, went ahead to see the sunshine and is basking in the glory of being a Bioinformatician.

Rahul, this is for you. Unconditional apologies if I hurt you (In fact, you can tell me what you don’t like and I will delete it) :D

Why he is at my Blog?

This question will come across many people. Why I am writing about him? Well, the reason is right now I am chatting with him on Facebook and got nostalgic about our under grad days. I was so inspired with his growth story that I decided immediately to write a post about him.

So the journey begins from here:

Undergraduation: The Eyeopener

I still feel bad that he could fill the Punjab University form in time and that drifted us apart. Otherwise, we were very good friends and I lost contact with him. In his grad days, he hated wet lab (like me, he was in my group, so he was forced by me to bunk those). We hardly cared to study. The one thing which I fondly remember is that we use to say “Ph.D. ho gayi” in our physics lecture as most of things went overhead. He was average guy, struggling to find his rhythm with Biology (as he was from non-medical background).  The three years were fun-filled where Rahul was interested in studying to-the-point and had no big-dreams.

Post-graduation: The Brainstorming

I don’t what we ate, or what happened to him, since he got into GNDU, Amritsar (where he did his M.Sc.) and then JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University), I saw a complete transformation in him. He worked really hard in his M.Sc. days and now he started loving wet labs, he gained huge knowledge and made his concepts strong which paved his way to his present life.

Present Day: The researcher

Now, when I had a talk with him, he is aiming for Ph.D. (which we thought is never our cup of tea in undergrad). I am amazed with his dedication. He himself admit that he is now a “research addict”. Now, he spends hours and hours in research lab. As a consequence, he is having a two year research experience. He has Ph.D. offers from two universities in Euorpe and couple of good offers from U.K. and Swiss University (I am not naming those as I know he will kill me).

Now he do shell scripting. The thing which I always dreamt of doing in my undergrad days. He is comfortable using Linux now. At present he is a project JRF at JNU.


I am extremely proud of you Rahul, and  I know you have miles to go. My best wishes are with you.

My motive:

My motive was to tell people that who really wants to grow in the field of Bio-informatics, GROWS!

Additional Links:

For those who want to know more about him, Facebook Link of Rahul: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=677262742

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  1. how does wet lab come in picture if u are talking abt bio-info?

    • Samar,

      I just wanted to post on few people who are still into Bioinformatics and Rahul is one among them. BTW, he is doing research in NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) in Germany!

  2. Nice motivation btw :)

  3. Good one

  4. Nice blog and really nice story about rahul. It was quite motivating .Interact with other bioinformaticians and try to collect similar information that would help others to inculcate the hunger of research in them for life science. I am a bioinformatician working on NGS and found this application area really interesting.

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