BioPerl Tutorial: Reading multiple GenBank Records with Bio::DB BioPerl Module

bioperl tutorial

In the last BioPerl Tutorial we saw how to retrieve single GenBank Sequence using Bio::DB::GenBnak module. In this one, we will analyze how to do it for multiple GenBank Sequences. NOTE: To install BioPerl, learning how to code in BioPerl or using BioPerl modules, see BioPerl Tutorial series index. ¬†Creating query: NOTE: Executing queries need […]

Madhav Prabhas: Flying high with Bioinformatics

madhav prabhas

Continuing my journey to put people on my blog, whom I know have excelled in Bioinformatics, second one in the string is Madhav Prabhas. My sincere apologies to Madhav if I ever hurted him or hurt his sentiments through this post. Share on Facebook

Rahul Sharma: A sucessful Bioinformatician


I know this Guy, Rahul Sharma from my college days. The question is why I am writing about him? The reason is he was my classmate at my under-graduation level.¬† While most of us have wandered in the darkness of Bio-informatics,¬† he broke the shackles, went ahead to see the sunshine and is basking in […]

Commands and shortcuts in Linux

linux commands linux shortcuts

All Bioinformaticians are aware of the fact that linux is the soul of Bionformatics. There are few commands and shortcuts in LINUX which we I frequently. So I will be giving you the practical selection of all such commands. You can put the most frequently commands used into your favorites <genome or KDE> by just […]

Bioinformatics? Worth the time?


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