Commands and shortcuts in Linux

linux commands linux shortcuts

All Bioinformaticians are aware of the fact that linux is the soul of Bionformatics. There are few commands and shortcuts in LINUX which we I frequently. So I will be giving you the practical selection of all such commands. You can put the most frequently commands used into your favorites <genome or KDE> by just […]

Linux: Command Line vs GUI

gnu cli cui gui

Many students have asked from me till now about which of them is more useful: CLI (Command Line Interface) or GUI (Graphical User Interface) in Linux. For those, who are not aware with them, these are two modes in Linux in which users can interact with computer. Linux was earlier CLI based OS which has […]

Linux: History and Introduction


Linux is among most used operating systems which have a free software code (known as open source code development). Linux was originally coded for then famous Intel 80386 seires of microprocessors. Presently, Linux now runs on large variety of PC architectures and has its spread wide and far. History of Linux: Unix when come on […]