Local SEO and Siri: The spoiler

siri local seo

By now, most people would have come to know who Siri is? Its latest addition from Apple in iPhone features. Though I myself an avid fan of Apple and would be of Siri too (iPhone 4S is not launched in India yet at time of posting) but I feel that with time and emergence of […]

Are you getting high quality backlinks?

quality backlinks

All of us want the lasting results whenever it comes to build backlinks for websites as a part of Offpage SEO. There is no need to spend time on methods of search engine optimization which are merely a flesh-in-the-pen. It matters a lot to check backlink quality and then to find out from which websites […]

SEO Tutorial: On page SEO Tips Part 2

seo tutorial and seo tips

We will be continuing with the SEO tutorial series where we will cover how to do SEO for beginners. In the last first article, I gave brief information about what is SEO and general information on it. In this article, I will be enlisting the On page SEO components and why onsite optimization is important. […]

Cloud Computing on SEO: The Impact

cloud computing seo

There is a lot of buzz on cloud computing these days. With more enterprises, shifting to cloud in recent days, there are lots of question being asked on how SEO will be impacted after moving to cloud. This article answers those questions. Knowing First: What all is cloud computing? In last couple of years, cloud […]

Offpage SEO Strategies

offpage seo strategy

All of us are aware now that field of Search Engine Optimization is booming with every day. People might be unaware that what they learnt yesterday might become absolute tomorrow. The only way not to log back in race of SEO, one has to update his knowledge regularly by reading SEO articles. Being a SEO […]

SEO Tips for Starters

seo tips

It is a dream of every website owner to have his website in top rankings of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Though many people hire SEO experts or SEO consultants for their SEO campaign but still a lot of people want to do SEO themselves.  On first look, SEO might seem very complex due to huge […]

Wrong Notion about Google Page Rank

google pank rank seo expert

I realized that many clients, SEO consultants and SEO experts have wrong notion about Google Page Rank. They measure success or failure of SEO strategy on Page Rank their site has attained. Though it might be true in some cases but for majority of clients for whom we have done SEO, it is not true […]

Google Panda Update 2.2: Hoax or truth?


All SEO experts, SEO consultants know what impact Google Panda had made it on their business. Now there is news in air that Google is releasing 2.2 version of the same algorithm. In short, Panda has not died yet! It is returning with more power. Matt Cutts (Google’s famous publicly available face after their CEO) […]

Importance of SEO Friendly URLs

seo friendly url

This article has