Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips: Introduction (Part 1)

seo tutorial and seo tipsThis is first article in effort to help future SEO experts and I hope this SEO for beginners tutorial series is helpful to webmasters and owners alike. No doubt, this series doesn’t has anything magical which will help your site to get top rankings of Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) automatically but following the guidelines will make things easier for search engines. For those learning SEO, this series will be helping them in crawling, indexing and ranking their content better.

Honestly speaking, SEO is always about making minor but important modifications to your site. Each article in the series will be dedicated to specific topic and will help future SEO experts in learning SEO better. Individually these changes would be too small but when combined as whole SEO tutorial series, it will bring noticeable change in performance as well as user experience of your site. Many people would have known all these search engine optimization tips reason being these are essential ingredients for all websites but I doubt, all of them know how to do them in best manner.

Tip: Though all these search engine optimization tips will help you to get better rankings for your keywords but never follow this SEO tutorial too hard that it makes things difficult for your visitors. After all, bringing visitors is one aspect and converting them is another.

Always remember that visitors are your ultimate consumers not search engine bots.

These SEO for beginners tips are applicable with minor tweaks to sites of all sizes. I hope to give better insights on how SEO really work and how you can realize your dream of becoming SEO expert. This series will be divided into following two phases and I will be covering them simultaneously:

  • On page SEO (Onsite SEO)
  • Offpage SEO (Link building Strategies)


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