ABC of Internet Marketing: Auto responder

auto responders internet marketerAn auto responder is the software in the world of internet marketing which allows sending e-mails to your clients and customers about new products that you have just launched as an internet marketer.

This software is an instant hit and is in demand by various internet marketers carrying out online business, therefore, many companies have been offering same auto responder software created and designed by them to help you promote your business.


As you will now be able to send emails to your clients and other people automatically, make sure you are not pushing hard with them. If they are not interested in your products can be reported for spam.

Importance of Auto responder for an Internet Marketer

This tool helps internet marketers get more number of sales because you never know when your client has necessity for that product and when you keep him intimating about the new products that you have just introduced, it may entice him and create a need for him to purchase.

Free Vs Paid

You can choose the type of auto responder to suit your needs. Many auto responders will just provide you with basic features of the product, if you wish to be more sophisticated regarding your service then make sure you buy the right one. There is no way to know whether prospects you have been sending messages and emails are interested in your products or are they even reading your mails or just deleting them through basic auto responder. Make sure you purchase an auto responder so that you can stay ahead of your competitors and get to know about the interested and uninterested customers and clients.

HTML vs Text Emails

HTML emails are helpful in getting more conversions than any other plain texts. HTML E-mails allow you to send the feature category list in colored form along with its pictures and you can link various pages to the different products that you are selling or the different versions that you have. Your auto responder will inform you client about all the details.

HTML e-mails are more like web pages. They are attractive to see and also permit you to highlight the details and main products which you wish to inform your clients using auto responder. You can design these HTML pages as per your needs and desire. Also you can built in the automatic, instantaneous purchase order form in your HTML email and get a sale at the same time your interested subscriber reads the e-mail.


To be successful in internet marketing, just be normal in dealing. Never be too pushy or aggressive or they will loose even the minor interest they have in your product. The customers are the one who are going to help you raise your revenue so just take care they don’t get annoyed and report you for spam.

Thus, auto responders have come as a boon to those internet marketers, who want to be successful in internet marketing.

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  2. A great article indeed!

  3. Why would they report you for spam if it is double opt-in? But I do get that case from time to time…
    I get a spam complaint from the host, then I show them that I only use double opt-in features.
    They are always welcome to leave whenever they wish, they signed up, so they have to
    ask to be removed or unsubscribe, case closed…I never force anyone to signup nor do I run out and imported 1,000s of emails, which will surely get you in trouble….

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