Banner Advertisement:A way to find leads online

earn money online with internet marketingGo to any good website.  What you find most often, is a Banner advertising a product or a service of any company in an attractive and appealing manner.  Banner advertising is one of most useful and popular internet marketing ways of trying to get the attention of potential leads or customers and to earn money online.

How to maximize the impact of Banner advertisements?

An attractive Banner design which is colorful and eye-catching  with plenty of attractive graphics and appealing text has much more chance of getting your customers to your website, then a ho-hum boring advertisement of two lines, and a couple of photographs.

The best thing about banner advertising is that you can use your own choice of colors, designs and information to make your banner targeted to your own taste and specific needs.  There is no set rate fixed for the pricing of banners because it all depends upon a number of factors like impressions and other considerations like traffic and clicks.  Nevertheless, it is very difficult to find an exact price for banner advertising.  Just ask but try to maximize what you can earn online.

What to expect?

Some Internet marketing companies as well as website designers always include the cost of the banner ads which are going to be put on their website as their pricing and your marketing plan.  Others charge separately for each and every service, and still few others do not offer them at all.  So it all depends upon the services included in the package, and the price range which can comfortably come within your budget.

Checklist before getting started:

  • Do you want your ads to be rotated with other ads?  Rotation charges can be extra.  What is the size of banner as well as the position of the ad in the page?
  • How popular is the page upon which your ad is going to be displayed?  Top 10 pages are extremely expensive.
  • How relevant is the content up on the page upon which your ad is going to be placed?  What is the value of the information in the page?
  • The cost of designing your ad is going to be determined by the designer.
  • Is your ad going to be an individual ad or is it a part of a service package?  Some companies even offer lower prices if you advertise your ads on sites they recommend to you.  You can try that option also, as long as your ads are placed where you want them to be placed, and the websites are not banned websites.

If one really does banner advertisement in a right manner, he can make earn money online with this method of internet marketing.

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