2k10: The Year of Scams

I think we should officially declare year 2010, the year of SCAMS (for India). Wondering why? Here is the time-line of scams which hit Indian media highlights:

  • November/December 2010 -> LIC Housing Scam (Rs 2,000 crore)
  • October/ November 2010 -> 2G Spectrum Scam (Rs.1.76-lakh crore)
  • October/ November 2010 -> Adarsh Society Scam
  • October -> Common Wealth Games Scam

I always wondered why the games are called Common Wealth Games? Got the answer. All got commonly wealthy :D

What most suprise me is how much SWISS banks can absorb? Or if things are given in cash, where they keep it? I think, as seen in a movie (I don’t remember its name); most of politicians use notes as bed-sheets :D

Now I wonder, will the truth will ever come? I think all of us know the answer too: A big NEVER.


I don’t trust any political party now. The only possible solution to this situation is we should vote for Bharat Swambhiman and hope he stands true to his words. You know why I am hoping? Because, till now he is not a politician :D. For all those lousy lots, Bharat Swabhiman is a party floated by Baba Ram Dev. All Indians know him and for people outside India, he is a Yoga Guru.


  • LIC Scam: http://www.dailypioneer.com/299246/Housing-scam-involves-Rs-42750-cr.html
  • 2G Spectrum Scam: http://trak.in/tags/business/2010/11/25/top-10-corruption-scams-scandals-india/
  • CWG Scams: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/commonwealth-games-scam-congress-sacks-suresh-kalmadi/708592/
  • Adarsh Society Scam: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/adarsh-society-scam-the-crux-of-the-problem/134071-3.html
  • Baba Ram Dev: http://www.divyayoga.com/



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  1. revolution says:

    You have the absolute coolest blog ever. The only thing is, I don’t understand the high level of things this is talking about. I find it fascinating though.

  2. You’ are the one with the barins here. I’m watching for your posts.

  3. and 2K12 going to be a dry year (as all money has been sucked by these politicians)

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