Coca Cola: Journey from $.05 to $1

The famous cold drink, which was banned once/twice  in India (I know lot many people don’t know even about it) has history dated since 1886. While surfing net (which is my dedicated passion), I came across series of posters depicting coke’s journey from year 1895 (when the first advertisement appeared) till date.

Initial Phase

The first advertisement featured a young actress of that time, named Hilda Clark. The coke bottle was priced at five cents ($.05) that time, way back in 1895.

Next in the pipeline, were advertisements having women in prime focus. Those advertisements showed how a bottle of can can help in their daily chores. Amazed how? Simple: By making them feel more energetic and refreshed.

Post WW II Era

In 1950 and 60s (I represented it as post World War Second Era), photographs of couples/ women and men were more prominent and gone were days of illustrations. Also, increased was the length of advertisements (as Television got popular :D )

Post Cold War Era

Those having a interest in History, know what time period I am talking about. In post cold war era, Coke starting paying attention on health as well as environmental issues of present generation ( I meant, generation of that time).  As the steel and silicon junk (the I.T. age) started piling up, coke came up with an sensible ad of railway engine (having coke can as engine). I hope most of people can co-relate the logic :)

Present Day

Now coke has come up with different micro-brands like Diet Coke, Coke Light to tap market of health conscious people. The coke is easily available in U.S. market for around $1. (Regarding price, I am not assured and looking for authentic information).

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