Google Panda Update 2.2: Hoax or truth?

google-panda-2-2-updateAll SEO experts, SEO consultants know what impact Google Panda had made it on their business. Now there is news in air that Google is releasing 2.2 version of the same algorithm. In short, Panda has not died yet! It is returning with more power.

Matt Cutts (Google’s famous publicly available face after their CEO) have confirmed its rolling out but remained quiet on the date. He also mentioned that the update is approved by Google’s team and will happen out.

 Now, all of us in SEO community are anxious to know what impact Panda 2.2 will have on SEO. Here is a brief sneak peep into it:

  •  Improvised Scrape Detection: This is main objective of Google’s Panda 2.2 update. Many SEO experts/ SEO consultants had one common complaint against Big G’s Panda update. Sites which are scarping content and republishing it are ranking higher than the original one’s.

Google has finally addressed this issue with 2.2 update.

  •  No date for Panda Update beyond English searches.
  •  Recovering from Google’s Panda:, By now SEO communities are saturated on how to recover from Panda Update.

What Matt Cutts had to say? Just fix the issues. Google’s algorithm runs against entire index every few weeks. If you have fixed the issues, there is no reason Google will not pick you up again. He again reiterated that no manual exception has been made for any site.

When Panda 2.2 will roll out?  This is most important question which is keeping all SEO experts/ SEO consultants on their toes. Matt Cutts denied to comment on it and said it runs after few weeks.

So, we still have to wait to hear again from Matt Cutts on when and how Google 2.2 will raise its head!!!

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