Get Free Web Traffic


You know one basic principle: For high conversion rates, you have to present the people with something they very desperately require and are willing to pay for it or already paying for it. But this article will talk of the entirely different aspect of internet marketing that is  how to bring web traffic which will […]

SEO Campaign Gone Astray? Time to fix it!

seo strategy by seo expert

Many times it happens with even SEO experts and SEO consultants that they get tripped up on even simple basics of SEO, forget the complex one. With my experience of over 4 years in working with small and mid-size business, by now I have interpreted few trends on people’s perception about  SEO, SEO experts and […]

Rahul Sharma: A sucessful Bioinformatician


I know this Guy, Rahul Sharma from my college days. The question is why I am writing about him? The reason is he was my classmate at my under-graduation level.  While most of us have wandered in the darkness of Bio-informatics,  he broke the shackles, went ahead to see the sunshine and is basking in […]

Learning SEO: Title Tag Optimization

seo tutorial and seo tips

Continuing my SEO tutorial series for SEO experts as well as site owners, we will be learning importance of Title Tag Optimization in Site Optimization. To know about all elements of On page SEO, click here.   NOTE: For title tag optimization you must know basic HTML and should have access to HTML editors like […]

My experience with Google+


It has been couple of days when I got an invite on Google Plus. I was happy at that moment as I always wanted to test this new social networking tool and share my reviews about it. On first look, I dismissed Google+ as derivate and redundant of Facebook and Twitter. I wrote it off […]

Commands and shortcuts in Linux

linux commands linux shortcuts

All Bioinformaticians are aware of the fact that linux is the soul of Bionformatics. There are few commands and shortcuts in LINUX which we I frequently. So I will be giving you the practical selection of all such commands. You can put the most frequently commands used into your favorites <genome or KDE> by just […]

My Postgraduation


Well Well Well, I got time to write something about my M.Sc. classmates, of late with whom I am hardly in touch. It has been two years now and most of them will be thinking what happened to me? Well, its better late than never. As most of us you know that I was in […]

Social Media: For Internet Marketer or not?

social media internet marketing

Social media can be used in both good and bad ways. In years of experience as internet marketer, I have seen it both different types of the social media behaviors: Good and Bad. If you think you also know and have encountered both kinds of experiences in internet marketing, then you would be aware of […]

Bioinformatics? Worth the time?


This article has