A “X-Killer” or not?

URL shortener is a useful tool used densly by affiliate marketers and Twitter generation.

For those who are alien to this term “URL shortener”, it is a service provided by many sites which gives you a short URL for a short one. e.g. this URL: will be shorted to and when you open, the original page of my site will open.

When I got across with this another Google service, first thing which came to my mind was: Why we need it as there are dozens of popular URL shortener websites have stamped their presence on internet. Then first thought was: Is it a “X-killer” or not? A X-killer means a prdouct Y which will kill another product X of same niche/market.

But on second thought I asked myself: Facebook came after MySapce, Orkut and still became popular and has 500 million friends now (as quoted the poster of “The Social Network”  ; a movie released just a month back which told the other side of Mark Zuckerberg: Owner of Facebook). So I told myself that its worth giving a review.

Beginning of Journey:

To test Google new URL shortener service, the best method in my mind was to compare it with existing one’s. I just tested with (due to lack of time; which I always find)

I shortened a URL with both: as well as and wanted to see the metrics both provide.

The Comparison:

I found both providing same analytics metrics and I summed my analysis as:

Analytics Metrics
Number of clicks
Referring Domains
Visitor Countries
Visitor Browsers
Visitor Platform
Referring Pages

My anaylsis is based on these two images:



My verdict:

Based on my analysis as well as trend, it might act as “X-killer” because:

  1. It is already #2 for the keyword “url shortner”
  2. Google is backing it up

Except above, I didn’t found anything special in it.

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  1. I’m impressed, I must say. Really most of us even don’t know if Google URL shortner services even exist or not.

  2. Great Post Bhrat! I must say you know how to get traffic!

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