5 Steps to Turn Articles into Traffic

Articles when planned properly and showcased in a superb manner, surely gets you tonne of traffic. Article writing and submission are the oldest yet still popular ways to bring traffic to your site.

Now I shall help you learning 5 basic things and by the aid of them, you shall be capable of converting the articles into maximum traffic.

1. Write content that is enriched with essential information

The content of articles must be on the topic related to your site. In order to convert your article into a traffic machine, what you should do is to keep it brief and concise. Essential knowledge about the topic being written must be there . You must also remember that you should never write any conflicting information in any of your articles, since it can divert readers mind. Always stick to theme of your site, as visitors will pour in looking for the information in the article. When they are not able to find it, it can be fatal for your business/ leads/ sales.

2. Title and the Keywords

Placing the keywords in title is a must to increase the visibility of the article. The Search engines could very easily rank your articles if the article has proper density and placement of keywords. One must also learn to choose good titles that incite interest and promises value to readers. A title actually is vital that helps bringing the article into the readers notice and hence increase the traffic.

3. Right Resource Box

You must put right resource box (also known as About Author/ Author Box). Make sure links are working as only then people can come to your site as they will be clicking on those links. Also, don’t ask directly to visit your site. They will only click your website link, when they find the worth in it. So stay innovative!

4. Promoting your articles

You can also make the use of the social networking, media sites to promote your article. It will thus help in increasing traffic of the article along with submission of articles.

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