7 Basic rules of SEO you must never forget

seo rules seo expertTo be successful in SEO, you must follow certain rules and avoid specific pitfalls. Only then, one can dream to become a successful SEO expert or SEO consultant but of course with experience.

In today’s competitive world of SEO, especially after Google’s Panda Update, you must learn and follow following seven basic but important SEO rules, if you dream to become highly successful SEO expert or SEO consultant.

1. Understanding User-Intent

Keyword research is considered as cornerstone for any SEO campaign. You must understand user-intent while doing research as well as selecting keywords which according to you are critical for taking SEO on right note. This will help you in finding right audience for your website. For example, are “gym shoes,” “tennis shoes,” and “sneakers” same thing? In view of few consumers these words are interchangeable completely. But in reality, if tennis player wanted a new pair of shoes, he will search “tennis shoes” and will expect a very specific result. It is not important how you will look for brand/products you have, only thing which matters is how target audience of your product searches it. You might miss potential customers if you target wrong keywords.

2. Move at Natural Pace

It is very important for all search engines that they must see a diversified link building approach which grows slowly over a span of time. A natural pace justifies your commitment towards ethical and white hat SEO. It will build your online presence at a natural pace. Now days, search engines are that much aware and play game with those spammers as well as on black hat SEO. If one is developing large number of links very ghastly, it will raise a red flag in eyes of search engines, regardless of link quality and your website might get penalized.

3. Still Content is King

Though many people think it is an old phrase but still content is the king if you want to excel in SEO. Content is anything which is public and can be shared. This encompasses web page content, content of blog posts as well as articles, podcasts, videos along with whitepapers and many more. Content is most significant factor in website’s SEO success. But remember, content must be for your visitor and never for search engines bots. You must remember the fact that crawlers or bots will not purchase your services or products but human visitors will do. So you should optimize content in order to assist search engines to find it, but never forget that the content needs to be human friendly too.

4. Plan a strategy

It is important to be successful in SEO. You need to plan and strategize things. There is no need to do all the tasks at once but you can do daily couple of tasks or can do only the important tasks daily. Flooding your niche with low quality content or links won’t do anything good for you, so it’s always better to build slowly but regularity.

5. Long Term Vision

Those who think, they will see results in SEO overnight, are dreaming. Ask any SEO expert or SEO consultant and he will tell you, how much time it will take to see some visible results. If you have a new site with you, things are more difficult as you need to build authority in search engines first.

6. Follow Guidelines

All good SEO experts or SEO consultants never cross the line. All search engines have laid down their guidelines, what they allow and what is not permissible. One must always stick to those to keep search engines happy always. After all, those are the ones which will send you truckloads of traffic. If they say some techniques as black hat, never do them. It’s just a matter of time when they will catch you and your site might get penalized.

7. Integrate Everything

Leverage everything you do for SEO. One common mistake which often people do and any real SEO expert or SEO consultant will never do is to keep actions is different silos. SEO works in synergy when you mix your both offline and online activities.

Hope following these seven rules will help your dream to become a SEO expert or SEO consultant true!

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