Are you getting high quality backlinks?

quality backlinksAll of us want the lasting results whenever it comes to build backlinks for websites as a part of Offpage SEO. There is no need to spend time on methods of search engine optimization which are merely a flesh-in-the-pen. It matters a lot to check backlink quality and then to find out from which websites you can get high quality backlinks.

Page Rank is not Important

Many webmasters desire to get links from websites having a specific Page rank. Using this method for Offpage SEO makes this process more difficult than actually it is.

If any website has high quality backlinks then there it doesn’t matter if that link to your website has low Google Page Rank. Even if a website having high quality backlinks adds a new page, this new page has an initial rank as 0 but it can be of good quality.

Remember one thing: Page with a zero rank can be of the high rank in future.

Use Common Sense to get high quality backlinks

No special metrics are required to backlink quality of any web page. Whenever you find any webpage which you think is worthy to get a high quality backlink, be sure about certain things:

  • Will that page attract common web surfer?
  • Does it have some content which is interesting?
  • Is the content relevant to your site?

Google has made enough changes to its algorithm and now more emphasis is given to users not to bots. So make sure, to get high quality rankings, get backlinks from those sites which are user eccentric.

Be Futuristic

Don’t have a narrow vision while judging backlink quality. Link which seems good as if now may be flagged by Google in near future. This has happened recently: Google Webmaster Notice. This can happen in near future too. Thus, never participate in any kind of link building network for your Offpage SEO.

Hope these tips would be useful to you in finding high quality backlinks for your site.

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