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SEO is a tricky yet compulsory business. One day you are sitting on top and next day, you might be out of top rankings. One always knows traffic which comes from top position is as good as money. It might be a gamble & you can’t rest for a single minute. You may never come to know for sure what your competitors are or will be doing and in how much quantity they might be doing.

However, if one keeps his eyes as well as ears open, one may learn new and latest ways of optimizing your site. Few important and common SEO questions regularly asked to me and many other SEO experts or SEO consultants are:

  • What is best approach to write site title?
  • How can I find best or profitable keywords?
  • What is need of robots.txt file?
  • How much character limit there must be for site’s Meta tags?
  • How to have search engine friendly (SEF) URL for database driven sites.
  • How to select top 5 keywords?
  • Which types of links are preferred by search engines?

Answer to above and many other common SEO questions asked from SEO expert or SEO consultant   are:

For getting a boost in traffic and to attain top ranking in search engines, you can follow these following SEO tips on your site:

  • Ensure your site is neither under construction nor incomplete.
  • Once your site is ready, submit it to search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • Try to submit your website to reputable and authoritative high Page rank open directories, yellow pages as well as social bookmarking sites like jumptags,, etc.
  • Always submit your sitemap to popular search engines like Google, Bing Yahoo, and Ask.
  • Have a sitemap on your website for visitors as it aids in easy navigation.
  • Create unique and keyword rich content for websites.
  • Avoid duplicate content.
  • Crosscheck your keywords and ensure these being relevant and contained in your website.
  • Have your Alt and Title tag description keyword rich, yet simple. Try to avoid irrelevant as well as repeated keywords.
  • Title tag should never be more than 60-80 characters in length.
  • Never write Meta tag description of more than 150-170 characters (including punctuation and spaces).
  • Number of keywords in Meta tag keywords should be 4-15.
  • Always validate your CSS as well as HTML. Never forget to correct errors along with broken links.
  • Never use hidden text or links. Always show to search engines spiders, what your visitors see.
  • Make your site useful as well as informative.
  • Double check link structure of pages. All pages must be reachable through single, static and text link.
  • Concentrate on improving link building. Build link from high PR websites. Always keep in mind that quality always outscores quantity in case of relevant links.
  • Never present different content or pages to search engines bots than what your visitors see. This is commonly called cloaking.
  • Always use Robots.txt file for managing as well as controlling search engine spiders behavior in indexing your site.
  • If your site has dynamic pages, ensure to convert them into SEO friendly (SEF) URLs as search engine bots can’t index dynamic pages in same way as they do for static pages.
  • Always avoid dirty, bad tricks and stop exploiting loop holes for improving search engines ranking as high chances are there that you will be caught.
  • Never link to bad neighborhood such as link farms, web spammers, phishing, crack, hacker, gambling, porn as well as scam sites. Linking to these sites will affect your search engine rankings in a great manner.
  • If you host your web site on Windows based Server, you can always use rewriting script.
  • Generally include company name, relevant generic business terms, all product brands and service as keywords.
  • Search Engine spiders are not able follow every link that SEO experts or SEO consultants build. To be honest, all links must be standard text-based links.

 In HTML, standard text-based links are written in following manner:

<a href=””>Link text</a>

 Hope this post will give you better insight into SEO, how SEO works and how SEO expert or SEO consultant are able to master technique of ranking higher on search engines.

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  1. I must say that you have mentioned all the rules very beautifully. I came to realize that in fact I don’t follow couple of rules.

  2. Thomas Klein says:

    why do you believe that Meta Tag Keywords matter? Yahoo! and Bing have already announced that they don’t rate meta keywords anymore. And Google declared it also. So I see no value to generate keywords in my meta tag.

    Best wishes

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