Do’s and Don’ts for Mobile Websites SEO

mobile site seoWith the emergence of iPhones and the iPads, usage of web on mobile is growing with each day. Smartphones are the main reason why more and more people are accessing internet through mobile browsers. With the increase in mobile traffic, blogs as well as business sites have come up with mobile friendly versions of their sites. With emergence of mobile websites on the arena, came the need for mobile website SEO.

Though many people think that mobile SEO and normal SEO differs a lot but real SEO consultants or SEO experts know there are very little differences between both and both SEO process have same goal of increasing the ranking of websites in search engines for their niche.

Why mobile SEO is not much popular?

Many people don’t employ services of SEO consultants or SEO experts for mobile sites SEO and end up losing potential revenue. The prime reason for this is their doubts over mobile site SEO. Many clients have a common notion that there is nothing special you can do to improve rankings in search engines for mobile browsers, though this is not truth. If you contact any professional SEO expert or SEO consultant, you will come to know the truth.

Important Factors before mobile website SEO:

Those who are new into SEO for mobile websites must understand that mobile SEO is based only on traditional principles of SEO. Still you need to have right usage of tags, keywords as well as anchor tags. These are equally important for mobile websites.

  • Speed of Website: One important factor to consider while doing SEO for mobile sites is the page size of the website. It should not be too heavy as many users who access web from mobiles don’t have high speed connection.
  • Adaptability: The mobile website should be able to render itself in all phone browsers.

Important Factors for mobile website SEO:

Following are few important factors and being in line with them can help your website to top rankings in search engines for mobile browsers:

  • Don’t overlook Keywords

These are most often overlooked part by designers when they are building a mobile site. The major reason is their lack of understanding about keywords. If you are not capable to design a mobile website for yourself, always remember to hire that designer who has knowledge of SEO basics or on later stages, you can always hire a SEO expert or SEO consultant to fix things.

  •  Choose Keywords Wisely

If you are planning to use same keywords for your mobile site SEO which you have used for your normal website, think again! There is a lot of difference in how keyboards of PCs and laptops are designed when you compare with keypads of mobile phones. People might not want to type long phrases when searching through mobile browsers and stick with shorter keywords which are more concise. This is known as “rush search”.

  •  A new domain or subdomain

This is a matter of ongoing debate whether to host mobile website on a new domain or a sub-domain.  Diffrent SEO experts will echo different views. Majority of SEO experts or SEO consultants will agree with the fact that having a new domain may affect your original site negatively. Thus having mobile website on your sub domain is more beneficial rather than on a new domain.

  • XHTML Format

Always make sure to have your site in basic XHTML or XHTML format. Only then you will be able to harness the benefits of mobile SEO done by you or SEO expert you hire.

Hope keeping above said things in mind, you or your SEO expert / SEO consultant will be able to rank your mobile site higher.

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