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You know one basic principle: For high conversion rates, you have to present the people with something they very desperately require and are willing to pay for it or already paying for it. But this article will talk of the entirely different aspect of internet marketing that is  how to bring web traffic which will lead to conversions :).

The five basic ideas are:

1)    Keyword selection matters a lot

It may be old but it is very true that the content is the King, but with the Keyword Research its reign will be supreme! One must be very careful to use the keyword or its phrases as everyone doesn’t search the similar keyword you think.

There are many free keyword tools available,  and I love Google keyword tool the most. URL:

2) Regular Blogging=Traffic

Two simple but different blog platforms can be used for writing blog posts, that are and the WordPress. These are free and are definitely very effective in generating web traffic. Tell you what Google just admires WordPress.

3) Articles = Traffic

Then what you should do next is start writing the articles. Many of free directories are there that publishes the articles that you write, for instance there are, also the where the first 10 articles are for free.

4) Email Address = Traffic

Another idea that I can give which will help you catch the traffic is by capturing the email Addresses which you get after people have clicked on to your links/article/blog.

Wondering what to do with these email ids, right? Basically now you have two options or say alternatives that can help you in getting the traffic you need.

a)     Autoresponder: First is that after you have the emails and details, autoresponder you have, now springs to action. It kicks start building very important kind of relationships and bonds with people.

b)    Newsletter: The second thing that you need to do is that the list that you prepared must be provided with the good quality tips and the content. Then you can even offer them something and thus again; direct them towards your new sales page.

5) Social Media Marketing

Wondering what it is? It’s just, promoting your site on sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter along with social bookmarking sites, Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo.

Thus these tips and ideas can help you get more traffic toward your website.

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