Local SEO and Siri: The spoiler

siri local seoBy now, most people would have come to know who Siri is? Its latest addition from Apple in iPhone features. Though I myself an avid fan of Apple and would be of Siri too (iPhone 4S is not launched in India yet at time of posting) but I feel that with time and emergence of Siri’s competitors (in Android and other platform), these apps will eat a major chunk of local SEO.

Brief about Siri

Siri is another voice recognition app. No doubt, there are present thousands of voice recognition apps these days in marketplaces but no one poses any threat to local SEO. Some SEO experts are predicting the death of traditional ways of local SEO.

Siri and local SEO:

Here are some keynotes to testify my assertion:

Siri acts a personal assistant for the iPhone owner. You ask Siri questions and it find answers for you. E.g. You can ask best Chinese restaurant in New York. It will come up with an answer and present a list to you. But how does it know which ones’ to put on top and which ones to exclude? And by the way, Was local SEO not all about this?

Now that owner has not used Google to find answers. In other ways, efforts done by companies for local SEO get nullified. This significantly limits the influence as well as importance of local SEO.

The future

At present, it is not known how Siri process, collects and rank information but going on assumption, I feel that this app creates the list based on authenticated data sources like Yelp, Google Places and other similar sites.

To conclude, we have to wait and watch unless someone cracks the secret of topping Siri’s local list.

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