Plan an Effective SEO Campaign

seo strategyHaving effective SEO strategies or SEO campaign is really important to make your SEO a success. If you want your site to be on top for keywords, then your SEO expert or SEO consultant must formulate an effective SEO campaign.

One must understand that websites which are currently ranking on the keywords you want to target didn’t come overnight. It takes efforts and time to bring results.

First Step: SEO Plan

Ask your SEO expert or SEO consultant to build a solid business and growth plan for targeted keywords and your website. This will help you know amount of money you need to invest to get to top rankings along with goals and expectations. A correct SEO Plan is road map for your site and an effective yardstick to measure SEO campaign success.

Important Tip: Do ask your SEO expert or SEO consultant to lay down an exit strategy.

Laying foundation for SEO Campaign

Make sure, you understand the following important aspects of SEO plan for your SEO campaign:

  • Goal Clarification: You must be clear about SEO goals for your website.
  • Flexible Approach: Your SEO expert or SEO consultant should be able to adjust your SEO campaign as and when need arises.
  • Current Statistics: Never forget to get current statistics of your website incorporated into SEO Plan as it will help you analyze from where your website took off and how much SEO expert’s or SEO consultant’s efforts yielded.

All of us want our website to rank high in Google and other search engines. A better rank ensures more visitors and visitors convert into sales or revenues.

Second Step: SEO Campaign Execution

Search Engines look for well-defined process for SEO. Rules which are applicable for Google might not be correct for other search engines but most of them have standard set and rules. Ensure your SEO expert or SEO consultant is building links to your sites from:

  • Authentic Websites
  • Regular Interval

A professional SEO Plan will make sure your site is optimized correctly and relevant links are being built over a timeframe.

Third Step: ROI Analysis

You must ensure get feedback from your SEO expert or SEO consultant on how things are moving and must analyze your SEO campaign on biweekly basis. Though the results might be mixed (based on competition of keywords) but you should signs of improvements.

Following wire diagram will help you to understand to have an estimation of results produced by your SEO consultant or SEO expert:

seo strategy by SEO expert

End Result

You can expect following things from your SEO campaign:

seo plan by seo expert

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