Relationship between SEO and website traffic

how seo brings trafficTake for instance a road on which no one drive on. No doubt, it may be finest road without any cracks. No one knows if that road can lead to a perfect dream holiday destination. The same applies for a website which has no traffic and hardly gets visited. It is just like a space which you occupy and offering no benefits to internet users. To bring traffic, you seek help of SEO consultant or SEO expert.

Websites, especially business websites can’t even breakeven if they don’t have traffic. You can have a website which has creative as well as unique content but world of mouth will not lead you anywhere. You still need to build backlinks and that is what SEO consultant or SEO expert will do. Internet has dissolved all boundaries and you can get client around the globe. Thus, having people know about your website and getting traffic to your site has become more important.

Non-conventional yet simple ways for traffic:

It might seem to you that SEO is a specialized field and you need to avail services of SEO experts or SEO consultants. . True! But it is not tough. You can get traffic from simple ways like from your Facebook account or Tweets.

Paid Ads as source of immediate traffic

If you have money to invest and can’t wait to see results then paid ads or PPC ads are the option for you. You can get instant traffic and it will keep coming as long as you fuel the funnel with dollars.

Preventing traffic from going to real zero

One can get annoyed with traffic in rush hour, but online traffic is equally important as oxygen is to us. The more traffic a website has, better it is considered. You will not get top position in a day and it is a time consuming process. Till you attain top rankings, still you need to get your site live and kicking. Only then it will climb up, else it will look stale to search engines.

Getting return visitors

People might come to your site through efforts of you or SEO expert you have hired. The need is to get repetitive visitors and it is only possible if you write fresh and unique content and update it frequently. Make sure your site is user friendly and each information is displayed properly. Only then you can expect return visitors.

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  1. Thomas Klein says:

    “The need is to get repetitive visitors and it is only possible if you write fresh and unique content and update it frequently.”

    I don’t agree with that. If you have a web page with unique text, it is not necessary to change this text frequently. Search engines like Google can identify your site type. So if you don’t have a news site, there is no need to change the text.

  2. I agree that there exists relationship between these two.

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