S.E.O.? A Magic or Science

Have you ever wondered how you reached to this site?

Well I know either typing my domain name (rare case) or searched from Search Engines (primarily Google). Correct?

My bonding with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, or Search Engine Optimization) started when I was in my graduation. While searching for my notes, software, tools and many other things, I wondered how every-time the correct site comes on top despite it says XXXX competition). I was perplexed when a thought crossed my  mind, has the site on top, beaten XXXX many sites? I was on another mission then: I searched for that word in other search engines and the results were more confusing. One site was in top of one search engine and in another search engine, other site was sitting on top. I found this science interesting and the quest for finding the reasons began!

After a month of searching here and there, I got the exact science behind it. Its called Search Engine Optimisation, or Search Engine Optimization ( I need to take care of both U.S. as well as U.K. English visitors).  Initially, it all seemed magical to me. How search engines determine which site will come on rank #1 and which on rank #2. Not many have thought, but like everywhere Charles Darwin theory of Evolution holds true over here (by the way, that is why it is a theory not principle). I know people from biological background know what all I am taking about. For those who preferred Mathematics:  The law states that “Survival of Fittest”. I know many of you had heard it already. Or not?  Now you must be wondering, how it applies here. Viola!!! The best website survives here too and comes at top. The website which search engines think,  are not relevant in their eyes, are giving low rankings. Well, I wanted to clear one thing: Search engines are not humans, who have eyes.  I just used an popular phrase :D

With passage of time, I know what SEO is. Its not magic, but all science. You have to make sure that you are doing the steps correctly at a particular pace and you are destined to get rankings for the words you are promoting your site. Now you must be thinking, what steps and all!! Just be patient and I will open up things (or if you impatient like me: just google seo and you will get your answers).

To conclude, I think magic is also science. Magic: The science of tricks. Or isn’t? Will look forward to hear from all of you.

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