SEO Campaign Gone Astray? Time to fix it!

seo strategy by seo expertMany times it happens with even SEO experts and SEO consultants that they get tripped up on even simple basics of SEO, forget the complex one. With my experience of over 4 years in working with small and mid-size business, by now I have interpreted few trends on people’s perception about  SEO, SEO experts and SEO consultants. They want to get results faster or feel improvement is not on their expectations.

Though there must be some improvement in rankings if you have hired a SEO Expert or SEO Consultant every week, if you feel your SEO campaign is not on the lines it should be, following are some fundamental changes which can help you to gain a big way:

  • Specificity

This is where many small and midsize business lack. Though most of them have limited service area, they opt for nationwide keywords. This should never be the case as you are spending on something which might not give you any business. Your SEO strategy must be clear on who your target audience is and what you can do for them. Otherwise, you might face difficulty in converting your visitors.

  • Alignment

In my four year tenure as SEO expert, many clients want to target each keyword on every page. Though this might work sometimes, but it is never a right strategy. You should create separate pages for separate services as your target audience for each service is different. Keep main elements (URL, title, meta tags, H1 tags) in alignment with the content and they must reflect the keywords you are targeting for that particular service.

  • Vision

Many clients want to get things implemented from SEO experts or SEO consultants, the way they perceive things. This should never be the case. You need to optimize your site for the way visitors will search/analyze your site. Keywords which you think are best; might not be searched even. Always listen to what your SEO expert or SEO consultant has to say.

  • Quality

Many people opt for packages from that SEO expert or SEO consultant who offers them links in bulk.  Never get trapped in such offers as this decision can backfire and hurt your site’s rankings in long term. Always go for quality rather than quantity.

  • Conversion

Many clients complain to SEO expert or SEO consultant they have hired regarding not being able to be green even after their site sit on top positions for their keywords. Reason being: They are not getting enough conversions to get profitable. Try to concentrate on those keywords which bring conversions not just traffic.

  • Onpage SEO

No doubt Onsite/Onpage SEO is important but clients have alarmingly high expectations. On page just readies your site for rankings, it is Offpage which brings it.

Hope above pointers will help you/ your SEO expert or SEO consultant to bring your SEO campaign back on track.

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  1. mcintyre says:

    Even this has happened to me also and I feeling it is extremely important to have right SEO guy for tasting success.

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