Learning SEO: Title Tag Optimization

seo tutorial and seo tipsContinuing my SEO tutorial series for SEO experts as well as site owners, we will be learning importance of Title Tag Optimization in Site Optimization. To know about all elements of On page SEO, click here.


NOTE: For title tag optimization you must know basic HTML and should have access to HTML editors like DreamWeaver.

About Title Tag:

Title tag is an important tag from human as well as SEO point of view. It tells search engines as well as users, the topic of particular page. It is written in <head> section and in following syntax:

<title>Something here</title>

<title> signifies start of title tag

</title> signifies end of tittle tag

Title tag is always written in <head> section of your HTML document.  The complete format will look like

<title>Something here</title>
Content of the page

The content of Page title tags are displayed in search results. One should give unique titles to each page of website but having a unique title tag of homepage is of utmost importance.

e.g. My website’s title tag is:

<span class="hiddenSpellError" pre="">Bhrat</span> Brij: Internet Marketer, SEO Expert, Bioinformatcian

Importance of Title Tag

  1.  Title of homepage depicts your website nature, its key focus area.
    e.g. In my website, the homepage title tells about the site is of Bhrat Brij (nature) who is SEO expert, Internet Marketer and Bioinformatician (Key Areas)title tag optimization 1
  2. When a user performs search for  keyword, the site is shown up.
    e.g. When someone searches for SEO expert, my site shows up and the words which gets matched with query term are shown in bold.

  3. When a user perform long tail query (will describe in future articles), a relevant page appears in search result.
    e.g. When someone searches for best off page seo strategies, my internal page http://www.bhratbrij.com/seo/offpage-seo-strategies/shows up in search results.learning seo 3

TIP: Give unique title tags to each page.

 Learning SEO: Title Tag Optimization

Coming to main topic, as one of most important search engine optimization tips, you would have heard about Title Tag Optimization. Now question is how to do site optimization, particularly title tags.

 Checking Title Tag Optimization

While doing title tag optimization, you have to ensure that your title tags are relevant to keywords/site content. You might think that you have written excellent title tag but is this so? Thus, it is always better to cross check it with some tool which can give you useful insights. I particularly love SEOCentro Meta Tag Analyzer. Here you can see how much your title is relevant to site content.

On checking my site’s Title tags, I found The Title relevancy to page content is 100% which tells me that my title tag is relevant to site’s content.

Best Practices for Title Tag Optimization:

While learning SEO, you should know what best practices to write title tags are:

  1. Write Titles less than 80 characters. You can write more than 80 but search engine’s don’t store them in their database and you will see rest characters as …
    This is depicted in this example:
    seo tutorial 4
  2. Don’t write title which is not specific not content written on that page. This will give you lower relevance and thus will harm your search engine rankings.
    Following example will be proving it:
    SEO for beginners 5
  3. Never write same titles for many pages and it will give duplicate page titles in Google Webmaster Tools which will harm your site optimization.
    Following screenshot will prove it:seo expert 6

I hope these search engine optimization tips will help you in site optimization. In next article, I will be covering another aspect of on page SEO.

About Brij

Bhrat Brij is a SEO expert, Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer and Bioinformatician. My short bio or have a look on my Google Profile


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