SEO Tutorial: On page SEO Tips Part 2

seo tutorial and seo tipsWe will be continuing with the SEO tutorial series where we will cover how to do SEO for beginners. In the last first article, I gave brief information about what is SEO and general information on it.

In this article, I will be enlisting the On page SEO components and why onsite optimization is important.


Onpage Optimization Components:

1)      Title Tag Optimization

2)      Meta Tags Optimization

3)      Robots.Txt Optimization

4)      Sitemap (HTML and XML creation)

5)      URL Optimization

6)      H1-H3 Tag Optimization

7)      Content Optimization

8)      Code to Text Ratio

9)      Page Load Time

10)   Site Structure Optimization

All these components make important role in optimizing your website. While learning SEO, you should take care of optimizing all these components mentioned above. Even if you miss one of them, you might not able to see results which you would love to.

On page SEO only helps in optimizing your website. Keyword rankings are gained through link building (Offpage SEO) but onsite SEO is very important to get your site in top ranks.

With Onpage optimization your site gains edge as you are optimizing your site for getting it indexed, crawled and ranked better as well as faster. I will be covering these search engine optimization tips in next articles of this SEO tutorial series.

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  1. Nice tips , Interested to know still more on SEO related .

  2. hi.

    i would like to know how to find out the ‘code to text ratio’ ?

    it would be gr8 help if you can share the script ..


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