Small Business SEO: Does your site has contact details?

small business seoOften small business owners want their site to be ranked top for local search results. Even after executing small business SEO methods and techniques correctly, they are unable to do it and conclude SEO for small business doesn’t work anymore due to saturation. Often, they forget to put their contact details (address, zip code, phone number) on their site and it is an important factor in small business SEO.

That time has gone when a person could get the necessary information by flipping through the yellow pages or even could get the desired phone number by calling the directory assistance. A survey shows that 59% of the consumers search Google at least twice in a week to get information of local businesses.

SMB DigitalScape did a survey of around 1 million SMB sites and following results were established:

  • In US 6 out of 10 SMB websites miss either a toll free number or local number of their business on their home page.
  • About 75% SMB websites don’t display the e-mail address while 65% SMB websites lacks the contact forms.
  • Only 19% of SMB websites have a link to their Facebook page, very few are on twitter or on LinkedIn.
  • More than 93% SMB websites don’t have the mobile compatibility thus their sites can’t be viewed properly on smartphones.

It can be understood that SMB’s not having link of their Facebook account are unable to handle social sites properly and lose to sites having active social media profiles.

Moreover, when websites don’t show phone numbers, they let their client move to their competitors. SEO for small business can only bring traffic to their site. The conversion or success of campaign depends on the site. If your site is user-friendly, you would see high conversion rates for the small business SEO campaign.

How to improve conversion rate for small business SEO campaign?

To reap richer rewards from SEO for small business, try to implement following things:

  • SMBs should display relevant details like phone numbers clearly with address (zip code).
  • Also get a contact form for your site. Many sites let you to create them for free and there is no need of programming language.
  • Make sure when you are organizing any event, date, venue, price, link to the map with all the necessary information should be clearly given.

With these simple tips, you can get higher ROI on your small business SEO campaign.

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