Wrong Notion about Google Page Rank

google pank rank seo expertI realized that many clients, SEO consultants and SEO experts have wrong notion about Google Page Rank. They measure success or failure of SEO strategy on Page Rank their site has attained.

Though it might be true in some cases but for majority of clients for whom we have done SEO, it is not true always. Many SEO consultants or SEO experts take it as only measuring parameter to judge the effectiveness of SEO strategy.

Why Google Page Rank came into existence?

In late 90s, search results were not like they are today. Ranking algorithms in those times were more or less manual rather than programmatically driven. Thus, ranking changes were a lot less frequent as humans controlled them and same results were shown for a large duration of time. To make things more dynamic, Google introduced Page Rank algorithm and the result is present day scenario.

Present Scenario

Now, there is no manual dependency and all the things (crawling, indexing and ranking) are done by algorithms/ bots automatically. Sometimes, you don’t see same sites on same position for those keywords; it was standing on top two days ago.

What contributes to Google Page Rank?

Page Rank is not a score out of 10 (which have people think) but is a combination of various complicated algorithms. Page Rank is calculated on various factors like:

  • Meta Tags
  • Titles
  • Keyword Density
  • Description Tags
  • Incoming Links
  • Page Rank(s) of referring websites
  • Incoming traffic

So by now, you would have realized that page rank is contributed by so many factors and sometimes it is out of control from humans to control it.

 Why there is a variation in Page Rank?

There is always variation in suggestions by crawlers for various search queries. Due to this, referral data for your website(s) vary a lot. This leads to increase or decrease of traffic on sites which are primarily responsible for change in page rank.

Page Rank as Yardstick

I do agree that for some webmasters, SEO consultants or SEO experts Page Rank is a yardstick to measure success or failure of SEO strategy. But then, they get perplexed where there is a modification in page rank of their/their client’s site and create wrong notions about Page Rank.

No doubt, Page Rank tells you how popular is the website and how much traffic could come on the site but top positions aren’t governed by Page Rank factor only.

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  1. As you say, we should not be obsessed with PR, we should see it as an indicator and not as the ultimate goal of SEO.

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