My experience with Google+


It has been couple of days when I got an invite on Google Plus. I was happy at that moment as I always wanted to test this new social networking tool and share my reviews about it. On first look, I dismissed Google+ as derivate and redundant of Facebook and Twitter. I wrote it off […]

Google forgot how to count?

Gene Byte

Destined to write on this soon.. Just awaiting to get authentic info from someone Share on Facebook

Wrong Notion about Google Page Rank

google pank rank seo expert

I realized that many clients, SEO consultants and SEO experts have wrong notion about Google Page Rank. They measure success or failure of SEO strategy on Page Rank their site has attained. Though it might be true in some cases but for majority of clients for whom we have done SEO, it is not true […] A “X-Killer” or not?


URL shortener is a useful tool used densly by affiliate marketers and Twitter generation. For those who are alien to this term “URL shortener”, it is a service provided by many sites which gives you a short URL for a short one. e.g. this URL: will be shorted to and when you open […]