Do I really need SEO to get customers to my Website?

Need of SEO from SEO Expert

Search Engines like Google and Yahoo are now influencing up to 88% of business purchase decisions and hence they can’t be ignored.  To grow your website, you need a SEO expert who can get your website to top of rankings in search engines. So on what basis do you decide? Let us explore with the […]

S.E.O.? A Magic or Science


Have you ever wondered how you reached to this site? Well I know either typing my domain name (rare case) or searched from Search Engines (primarily Google). Correct? My bonding with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, or Search Engine Optimization) started when I was in my graduation. While searching for my notes, software, tools and many […]

Common SEO Questions being asked from SEO experts


SEO is a tricky yet compulsory business. One day you are sitting on top and next day, you might be out of top rankings. One always knows traffic which comes from top position is as good as money. It might be a gamble & you can’t rest for a single minute. You may never come […]

Google forgot how to count?

Gene Byte

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Cloud Computing on SEO: The Impact

cloud computing seo

There is a lot of buzz on cloud computing these days. With more enterprises, shifting to cloud in recent days, there are lots of question being asked on how SEO will be impacted after moving to cloud. This article answers those questions. Knowing First: What all is cloud computing? In last couple of years, cloud […]

Google Panda Update 2.2: Hoax or truth?


All SEO experts, SEO consultants know what impact Google Panda had made it on their business. Now there is news in air that Google is releasing 2.2 version of the same algorithm. In short, Panda has not died yet! It is returning with more power. Matt Cutts (Google’s famous publicly available face after their CEO) […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Mobile Websites SEO

mobile site seo

With the emergence of iPhones and the iPads, usage of web on mobile is growing with each day. Smartphones are the main reason why more and more people are accessing internet through mobile browsers. With the increase in mobile traffic, blogs as well as business sites have come up with mobile friendly versions of their […]

Getting started with SEO?

seo process

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