SEO Campaign Gone Astray? Time to fix it!

seo strategy by seo expert

Many times it happens with even SEO experts and SEO consultants that they get tripped up on even simple basics of SEO, forget the complex one. With my experience of over 4 years in working with small and mid-size business, by now I have interpreted few trends on people’s perception about  SEO, SEO experts and […]

Wrong Notion about Google Page Rank

google pank rank seo expert

I realized that many clients, SEO consultants and SEO experts have wrong notion about Google Page Rank. They measure success or failure of SEO strategy on Page Rank their site has attained. Though it might be true in some cases but for majority of clients for whom we have done SEO, it is not true […]

Plan an Effective SEO Campaign

seo strategy

Having effective SEO strategies or SEO campaign is really important to make your SEO a success. If you want your site to be on top for keywords, then your SEO expert or SEO consultant must formulate an effective SEO campaign. One must understand that websites which are currently ranking on the keywords you want to […]