My Postgraduation

Well Well Well, I got time to write something about my M.Sc. classmates, of late with whom I am hardly in touch. It has been two years now and most of them will be thinking what happened to me? Well, its better late than never.

As most of us you know that I was in M.Sc. (Bioinformatics) and a pass out of 2009 batch from GGDSD College. Due to my professional engagements, I hardly attended college and knew a little about my classmates till Novemeber Ist semester (the semester started in July). Pardon me for poor knowledge about them as I don’t know even there surnames, their present information is a distant dream.

I don’t know I should write or not? As mostly are girls and I don’t want to hurt their privacy :D. Thus, I will be going in short with them. So, here is a sneak peak:

The Hostel Gang: Kuttita, Deepika,  Ankita, Rishu, Priyanka

The PG Gang: Reet, Anu, Bharti

The Localities: Harsirat, Sonia, Swati

The Hybrid: Madhav Prabhas (as he is was here for almost six years in P.G. so put him in a separate class).  I know he won’t scream on me and from me an post on him is in the pipeline.. So Madhav, look for updates on regularly as it may pop up any-time!

About Brij

Bhrat Brij is a SEO expert, Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer and Bioinformatician. My short bio or have a look on my Google Profile


  1. Kutita Sharma says:

    Heyyyy hii Bhrat …. so nicee to c this stuff… reallyy happy … keep it up .. n waiting for mor .. good luck … u rock always … :)

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